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Gov't Mule New Orleans 4/29/2005
Live Show
Gov't Mule
April 29, 2005
Orpheum Theatre New Orleans, Louisiana
Reviews: 2
Submitted By : zman
Set List:

Mr. Man 4:28
Bad Man Walking 4:05
Bad Little Doggie> 3:56
About To Rage 10:36
She Said She Said> 4:35
Tomorrow Never Knows 8:55
Empty Pages 6:00
Wine and Blood> 6:00
No Need To S
Hey Y'All,

Sorry for the delay but work and shows kinda got me twisted if you know what I mean. After seeing the Panic show that afternoon at the Fairgrounds, it was time for some dessert! I met Zee, Frank and Emily, Dewer, Matt, Rack, John, Michelle(my gracious landlord for the weekend!), Hampton, Murray, Rama, Annabel, Dave, Ashley, and about 1500 other Freaks at the Orpheum. It seems like a Jazzfest tradition of some sort. We camped out in the 8th row, same as last year. Umphrey's McGee was the opener and played for over an hour. They played a nice Rock and Roll Heaven and covered The Song Remains the Same very nicely. Warren came up on stage and joined them for their set closer, almost a 15 minute song.

Mule hit the stage a bit after 10:45. They rocked out with a Mr. Man. After a long About to Rage, they played a great combo of She Said>TNK. Got to hear a Wine and Blood after the sweet Empty Pages. Brendan Bayliss joined for the setcloser, Sco-Mule. I thoroughly enjoyed the set, but the 2nd set was looming in the near distant. I'll Be The One was a nice mellow opener but that changed as they slammed into Slackjaw.

After a very short set break, Mukle hit the stage just after midnight. The next treat for the weekend was the guest appearance of David Hidalgo of Los Lobos. He added some nice bluesy chops to the two numbers he played with Warren. Him and Warren traded licks until they faded into a drum solo. Matt was joined by the 2 percussionists from Umphrey's McGee. At the end of the drum solo, enter stage right, Col. Claypool. He did a slamming bass solo to accompany Matt and led back into the end of Spoonful. Next, Jake Cinnenger, also from Umphrey's McGee joined the Mule for a nice version of Lively up Your Yourself, and trust me, everyone was lively by then! Our next surprise guest was Brian Stoltz from the Funky Meters. He sat in for both songs of the encore. Here is how it went

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